Russian Reading Update: discovering the joys of Oblomovism with Goncharov

bookshelf_banner Continuing with my ongoing Russian reading project, I’ve just finished the utterly wonderful ‘Oblomov’ by Goncharov.   The plan is to read the Russian classics in chronological order.  Yes, I’ve read them individually as great novels in their own right, but this project is about finding the connections between them and seeing how they fit into my rather superficial understanding of Russian history.

Oblomovism is actually a thing, according to Wiktionary it means ‘indolent apathy’ – check out the Russian Literature page to see how much fun reading about laziness can be.  If you’ve ever felt like you’d just rather stay in bed, this novel will show you laziness elevated to an art form.  Undoubtedly one of my top reads this year so far.

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