All Reviews (by author)

I’m the kind of reader who keeps their books in alphabetical order … obviously, that doesn’t work on a blog, but if your mind works like mine, this page will be updated with reviews as they’re published so that you can track down the authors I’m writing about.

Adébáyọ̀ Ayọ̀bámi Stay with Me
Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi Americanah
Ahlberg, Allen Please Mrs Butler
Atkinson, Kate A God in Ruins
Alderman, Naomi The Power
Aman, Tahmina The Bones of Grace
De Angelis, Augusto The Murdered Banker (trans. Jill Foulston)
Von Arnim, Elizabeth The Enchanted April
Asimov I Robot
Austen, Jane  Northanger Abbey

Baldwin, James Go Tell it on the Mountains
Bandi, The Accusation: Forbidden Stories from Inside North Korea (trans. Deborah Smith)
Barnes, Julian The Noise of Time
Barrett, Shirley Rush Oh!
Bechdel, Alison Fun Home
Beckford, William Vathek
Bely, Andrei Petersburg (trans. Adam Thirlwell)
Böll, Heinrich The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum (trans. L. Vennewitz)
Bond, Cynthia Ruby
Bowen, Elizabeth The Heat of the Day
Braddon, Mary Elizabeth Lady Audley’s Secret
Braithwaite, Oyinkan My Sister, the Serial Killer
Briges, Victor Trouble on the Thames
Brontë, Charlotte Jane Eyre
Brontë, Emily Wuthering Heights
Browning, Robert Home Thoughts From Abroad
Burnet, Graeme Macrae His Bloody Project

Canetti, The Tongue Set Free (trans. Joachim Neugroschel)
Capote, Truman Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Čapek, Karel War with the Newts (trans. David Wylie)
Caro, Robert A The Power Broker: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York
Carter, Angela The Bloody Chamber
Casanova, Giacomo History of my Life (trans. Willard R. Trask)
Chandler, Raymond The High Window
Chekhov, Anton Short Stories (trans. Constance Garnett)
Cercas, Javier The Impostor (trans. Frank Wynne)
Chandler, Raymond The High Window
Chernyshevsky, Nikolay What is to Be Done? (trans Nathan Haskell Dole and Simon S. Skidelsky)
Childers, Erskine Riddle of the Sands
Chiziane Paulina The First Wife (trans. David Brookshaw)
Chung, Jang Wild Swans
Cline, Emma The Girls
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Collins, Michael Carrying the Fire
Collins, Wilkie The Woman in White
Couperus, Louis Psyche (trans. B. S. Berrington)
Cusk, Rachel Outline
Cusk, Rachel Transit
Cusk, Rachel Kudos

Dick, Philip K The Early Science Fiction of Philip K Dick (vol 2)
Dickinson, Emily We Like March
Dickinson, Emily Absent place – an April day 
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor
Dunmore, Helen Exposure

Eliot T S, The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock
Eliot T S, Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats
Enard, Mathias Compass (trans. Charlotte Mandell)
Esquivel, Laura Like Water for Chocolate (trans. Carol Christensen)
Eugenides, Jeffrey The Virgin Suicides
Eyre, Hermione Viper Wine

Faber, Michel Under The Skin
Fallada, Hans The Drinker (trans. Charlotte and A L Lloyd)
Faulkner, William As I Lay Dying
Ferrante, Elena My Brilliant Friend (trans. Ann Goldstein)
Ferrante, Elena The Story of a New Name (trans. Ann  Goldstein)
Ferrante, Elena Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay (trans. Ann Goldstein)
Fisher, Clare All the Good Things
Fisher, Clare How the Light Gets In
Fontane, Theodor Effi Briest (trans. Helen Chambers and Hugh Rorrison)
Forster, E. M. A Passage to India
Fowler, Karen Joy, We Are All Completely Besides Ourselves
Flynn, Gillian Gone Girl
Frayn, Michael Spies

Gamerro, Carlos The Adventures of the Busts of Eva Perón (trans. Ian Barnett)
Gattis, Ryan All Involved
Ghosh, Amitav Sea of Poppies
Gogol, Nikolai Dead Souls, The Nose, The Overcoat
Gold, Glen David Carter Beats the Devil
Goncharov, Ivan Oblomov (trans. Stephen Pearl)
Goncharov, Ivan The Same Old Story (trans. Stephen Pearl)
Gorky, Mother
Grant, Linda The Dark Circle
Gray, Alastair Lanark
Greene, Graham The Heart of the Matter
Greene, Graham Our Man in Havana
Grossman, David A Horse Walks into a Bar (trans. Jessica Cohen)

Haffner, Ernst Blood Brothers (trans. Michael Hofmann)
Hall, Radclyffe  The Well of Loneliness
Hamsun, Knut Growth of the Soil (trans. W. W.  Worster)
Haratischvili, Nino The Eighth Life (for Brilka) (trans. Charlotte Collins, Ruth Martin)
Heaney, Emma Elizabeth is Missing
Herrera, Yuri Signs Preceding the End of the World (trans. Lisa Dillman)
Highsmith, Patricia Strangers on a Train
Highsmith, Patricia Carol
Hiraide, Takashi The Guest Cat (trans. Eric Selland)
Høeg, Peter Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow (trans. F. David)
Hrabal, Bohumil Closely Observed Trains (trans. Jiří Menzel)
Hugo, Victor Les Miserables
Hurley, Andrew Michael The Loney
Huxley, Aldous Eyeless in Gaza

Indiana Rita, Papi (trans. Achy Obejas)
Ishiguro, Kazuo  Never Let Me Go
Ishiguro, Kazuo The Buried Giant

Jackson, Shirley We Have Always Lived in the Castle
Jacobsen, Roy The Unseen (trans. by Don Bartlett)
James, Henry The Turn of the Screw
James Marlon The Book of Night Women
James, Marlon A Brief History of Seven Killings
Jansson, Tove The True Deceiver (trans. Thomas Teal)
Jansson, Tove A Winter Book (trans. Silvester Mazzarella, David McDuff and Kingsley Hart)
Jelinek, Elfriede The Piano Teacher (trans. Joachim Neugroschel)
Johnson, Josephine Now in November
Joyce, James Ulysses

Kadare, Ismail Twilight of the Eastern Gods (trans. David Bellos)
Kafka, Franz The Trial
Kang, Han The Vegetarian (trans. Deborah Smith)
Kang, Han Human Acts (trans. Deborah Smith)
Kang, Han The White Book (trans. Deborah Smith)
Kavan, Anna Ice
Kavanagh, Tasha Things We Have in Common
Kawakami, Hiromi Strange Weather in Tokyo (trans. Allison Markin Powell)
Kelman, James Dirt Road
Koch, Herman The Dinner (trans. Sam Garrett)
Kollontai, Alexandra Love of Worker Bees
Krzhizhanovksy, Sigizmud
Kuprin, Alexander The Duel

Larsen, Nella Complete Fiction (including ‘Quicksand’ and ‘Passing’)
Lahiri, Jhumpa The Lowland
Lalami, Laila The Moor’s Account
Laxness, Halldór Independent People (trans. J. A. Thompson)
Lee, Harper To Kill a Mockingbird
Le Fanu, Sheridan Carmilla
Le Guin, Ursula The Dispossessed
Lem, Stanisław His Master’s Voice (trans. Michael Kandel)
Lermontov, Mihail A Hero for Our Time
Leskov, Nikolai The Enchanted Wanderer and Other Stories (trans. Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky)
Levin, Ira The Stepford Wives
Levin, Ira Rosemary’s Baby
Levy, Deborah The Man Who Saw Everything
Lewis, Matthew The Monk
Lewis, Sinclair Babbit
Lispector, Clarice The Hour of the Star (trans. Giovanni Pontiero)
Lovecraft, H. P. At the Mountains of Madness
Luiselli, Valeria Lost Children Archive

Makumbi, Jennifer Nansubuga Kintu
Malory, Thomas Le Morte D’Arthur
du Maurier, Daphne Rebecca
Mann, Thomas The Magic Mountain (trans. H. T. Lowe-Porter)
Mayer, Stephanie Twilight
McCarthy, Cormac Outer Dark
McCarthy, Tom Satin Island
McEwan, Ian Amsterdam
McKenzie, Elizabeth The Portable Veblen
McInerney, Lisa The Glorious Heresies
McInerney, Lisa The Blood Miracles
McMurtry. Larry Lonesome Dove
Melville, Herman Moby Dick
Miéville, China Embassytown
Milisic-Stanley, Annika The Disobedient Wife
Mistry Rohinton A Fine Balance
Morgan, C E The Sport of Kings
Morgenstern, Erin The Night Circus
Mukasonga Scholastique Cockroaches (trans Jordan Stump)
Murakami, Haruki After Dark (trans. Jay Rubin)
Murakami, Haruki A Wild Sheep Chase (trans. Alfred Birnbaum)

Nabokov, Vladimir Bend Sinister
Natsume, Sōseki I am a Cat (trans. Katsue Shibata and Motonari Kai)
North, Anna The Life and Death of Sophie Stark
Nors, Dorthe Mirror, Shoulder, Signal (trans. Misha Hoekstra)

Obioma, Chigozie The Fishermen
Okparanta, Chinelo Under the Udala Trees
Okri, Ben The Famished Road
Olmi, Veronique Beside the Sea (trans. Adriana Hunter)
Omotoso, Yewande The Woman Next Door
Owen, Lauren The Quick
Oz Amos, Judas (trans. Nicholas de Lange)

Packard, Gabriel The Painted Ocean
Parker, Harry Anatomy of a Soldier
Pasolini, Pier Paolo The Ragazzi (trans. Emile Capouya)
Pasternak, Boris Doctor Zhivago (trans. Max Hayward and Manya Harari)
Peake, Mervyn Gormenghast
Platonov, Andrey
Poe, Edgar Allen The Raven, the Masque of the Red Death, Annabel Lee, The Purloined Letter, The Pit and the Pendulum
Portis, Charles True Grit
Powell, Anthony A Dance to the Music of Time: Spring
Powell, Anthony A Dance to the Music of Time: Summer
Powell, Anthony A Dance to the Music of Time: Autumn
Powell, Antony A Dance to the Music of Time: Winter
Prescott, H F M The Man on a Donkey
Proulx, Annie Barkskins
Proulx, Annie Close Range: Wyoming Stories
Proust, Marcel In Search of Lost Time
Puig, Manuel The Kiss of the Spider Woman (trans. Thomas Colchie)
Pushkin, Alexander Eugene Onegin
Pynchon, Thomas The Crying of Lot 49
Pynchon, Thomas V

Radcliffe, Ann A Sicilian Romance, The Mysteries of the Forest, The Mysteries of Udolpho, The Italian
Rankine, Claudia Citizen: An American Lyric
Rice, Ann Interview with a Vampire
Richardson, Samuel Clarissa
Di Roberto, Federico The Viceroys (trans. Archibald Colquhoun)
Robinson, Marilynne Gilead
Robinson, Marilynne Lila
Rolfe, Frederick Hadrian the Seventh
Roth, Henry Call it Sleep
Roth, Joseph Rebellion (trans. Michael Hofmann)
Roth, Joseph The Radetzky March (trans. Joachim Neugroschel)
Rothschild, Hannah The Improbability of Love
Roy, Arundhati The Ministry of Utmost Happiness
Runyon, Damon Guys and Dolls and Other Stories

Saadawi, Ahmed Frankenstein in Baghdad (trans. Jonathan Wright)
Sahlberg, Asko The Brothers (trans. Emily Jeremiah and Fleur Jeremiah)
Salinger, J D Franny and Zooey
Saltykov-Shchedrin, Mikhail The Golovlyov Family
Saltykov-Shchedrin, Mikail The History of a Town (trans. Charlotte Hobson)
Satrapi, Marjane Persepolis (trans by Anjali Singh)
Seacole, Mary The Adventures of Mrs. Seacole in Many Lands
Searle, Nicholas The Good Liar
Segal, Francesca The Innocents
Selby, Hubert (Jr.) Last Exit to Brooklyn
Selvon, Sam The Lonely Londoners
Shamsie, Kamila A God in Every Stone
Shamsie Kamila Home Fire
Shelley, Mary Frankenstein
Sjón Moonstone: The Boy Who Never Was (trans. Victoria Cribb)
Smith, Ali How to be Both
Smith, Ali Autumn
Smith, Ali Winter
Smith, Betty A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
Smith, Martin Cruz Gorky Park
Solgub, Fyodor The Little Demon (trans. Ronald Wilks)
Solzhenitsyn, Alexandr Cancer Ward (trans. Nicholas Bethel and David Burg)
Solzhenitsyn, Alexandr August 1914, November 1917 (trans. Michael Glenny; trans. H. T. Willetts)
Solzhenitsyn, Alexandr March 1917 (trans. Marian Schwartz)
Stevenson, Robert Louis The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Stoker, Bram Dracula
Strindberg, August The Red Room: Scenes of Artistic and Literary Life (trans. Elizabeth Sprigge)
Sue, Eugène The Mysteries of Paris (trans. Carolyn Betensky and Jonathan Loesberg)

Tanizaki, Jun’ichirō Quicksand (trans. Howard Hibbett)
Tartt, Donna The Little Friend
Tartt, Donna The Goldfinch
Taylor, Sara The Shore
Taylor, Sara, The Lauras
Teffi, Subtly Worded (trans. Robert Chandler, Elizabeth Chandler, Anne Marie Jackson)
Teffi, Rasputin and Other Ironies (trans. Robert Chandler and Elizabeth Chandler)
Teffi, From Moscow to the Black Sea (trans. Robert and Elizabeth Chandler)
Tokarczuk, Olga Flights (trans. Jennifer Croft)
Tóibín, Colm The Master
Tolstoy, Leo War and Peace
Toole, John Kennedy A Confederacy of Dunces
Tressell, Robert The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists
Truss, Lynne Cat Out of Hell
Truss, Lynne The Lunar Cats
Tulli, Magdalena Dreams and Stones (trans. Bill Johnston)
Turton, Stuart The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle
Turgenev, Ivan
Tsypkin, Leonid Summer in Baden Baden (trans. Roger and Angela Keys)

Ugrešić, Dubravka The Ministry of Pain (trans. Michael Heim) 
Unset, Sigrid Kristin Lavransdatter (trans. Tiina Nunnally)
Updike, John Couples

Vesaas, Tarjei The Ice Palace (trans. Elizabeth Rokkan)
Vesaas, Tarjei The Birds (trans. Michael Barnes and Torbjørn Støverud)
Villalobos, Juan Pablo Down The Rabbit Hole (trans Rosalind Harvey)
Virgil, The Aeneid (trans. David West)

de Waal, Kit My Name is Leon
Walker, Alice Possessing the Secret of Joy
Wallace, David Foster Infinite Jest
Walpole, Wallace The Castle of Otranto
Waters, Sarah The Little Stranger
West, Nathaniel Miss Lonelyhearts
Wharton, Edith The New York Short Stories of Edith Wharton
White, T E The Once and Future King
Wilde, Oscar The Picture of Dorian Gray
Wollstonecraft, Mary Letters Written in Sweden, Norway and Denmark

Yeats, William Butler The Second Coming
Yoshimoto, Banana Kitchen (trans. Megan Backus)
Yourcenar, Marguerite Memoirs of Hadrian (trans. Grace Frick)

Zamyatin, Yevgeny ‘Islanders’ and ‘The Fisher of Men’ (trans. Sophie Fuller and Julian Sacchi)
Zamyatin, Yevgeny We (trans. Natasha Randall)
Zweig, Stefan The Collected Novellas (‘Burning Secret,’ ‘A Chess Story,’ ‘Fear,’ ‘Confusion,’ ‘Journey into the Past’) (trans. Anthea Bell)
Zweig, Stefan Twenty-Four Hours in the Life of a Woman (trans. Anthea Bell)

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