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Developing a relationship: ‘Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay’

In general, when I find an author or series that I like, I race through it uncontrollably.  It’s this kind of attitude that has lead to my uneviable position of never being able to read a new Christie Poirot or … Continue reading

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An Italian Classic ‘The Betrothed’ by Alessandro Manzoni

‘The Betrothed’ starts with a cowardly cleric being threaten with unnamed reprisals if he performs a marriage ceremony for a peasant couple against the wishes of the evil Don Rodrigo.  The fearful priest resolves to obey these commands, cursing his misfortune … Continue reading

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Roman Hoodlums: ‘The Ragazzi’ by Pier Paolo Pasonlini

When I picked up Pasolini’s ‘The Ragazzi’, I think I was expecting a male counterpart to Elena Ferrante’s wonderful Neapolitan novels (I’ve read and reviewed ‘My Brilliant Friend‘ and ‘The Story of a New Name‘ on the blog).  Like Ferrante’s … Continue reading

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What a Life! Casanova’s Memoirs

I’m a little late with the review of my 6th non-fiction book this year.  In my defence, even in this abridged version, Casanova’s ‘History of My Life’ weighs in at well over 1,000 pages.  Few autobiographies could sustain such detail, here … Continue reading

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Period Crime, Italian Style: The Murdered Banker by Augusto de Angelis (1935)

It is a truth universally aknowledged (in Agatha Christie that is), that an Italian man or woman, when faced with tribulation, will become hysterical, violent and likely to indulge in murder.  However unlikely it is that this character is actually … Continue reading

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A Top Italian Read: The Viceroys by Federico De Roberto (1894)

‘The Viceroys’, by Di Roberto is an Italian classic and an absolute must-read for anyone with an interest in world literature, exaggeratedly horrible characters or the history around the Italian unification.  For book lovers, it will especially appeal to those … Continue reading

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Loving the hype: ‘My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante (2012)

I’m finding the twenty-first century such an exciting time to be a reader.  What with Harper Lee’s newly ‘discovered’ long-long manuscript and the explosive popularity of the anonymous author writing under the name of Elena Ferrante, it feels like all … Continue reading

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