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A Random Russian Discovery: ‘A Russian Gentleman’ by Sergei Aksakov

A joy of working for a London university is that I have access to the wonderful Senate House Library.  This library is not only massive, but it arranges its literature geographically and has a delightful nook which houses the Russian literature. … Continue reading

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One of the best Russian authors you’ve never heard of: ‘The History of a Town’ by M E Saltykov-Shchedrin

In 2015, I embarked on a  twelve month Russian reading challenge.  Now that we’re in the middle of a year filled with commemorations of the 1917 revolution, I suspect I may have jumped the gun slightly.  I can’t feel many … Continue reading

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Loving Dostoyevsky in Winter: Summer in Baden by Leonid Tsypkin

The title of Tsypkin’s wonderful novel may not seem terribly seasonal, but then frankly nothing about this book is quite what you’d expect.  Part of it is set in 1970s Russia, as our narrator takes a long train journey to freezing … Continue reading

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Russian Reading Update – You must read this book: ‘Cancer Ward’ by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1966)

Sometimes whole years go by during which I forget how much I love Solzhenitsyn. I know, it seems almost unbelievable.  Because, sadly,  there are only 12 months in the year, he didn’t make it into my 2015 Russian reading project; … Continue reading

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New Teffi Translations (part 2): ‘Memories: From Moscow to the Black Sea’

I had originally intended to review ‘Memories’ and ‘Rasputin and other Ironies’ in the same post, but that was only because I’d forgotten how uncontrollably enthusiastic I get about Teffi’s writing.  You can read how much I loved ‘Rasputin’ here, … Continue reading

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Everybody Loves Her – Teffi’s Newly Translated Life Writings (part 1): ‘Rasputin and Other Ironies’

Teffi was one of the most enjoyable discoveries of my year of Russian Reading in 2015.  The wonderful thing is that it appears I’m not alone; it seems everyone loves Teffi, has always loved Teffi and was just waiting for … Continue reading

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Back to the Best of the Russians: ‘Islanders and The Fisher of Men’ by Yevgeny Zamyatin (1917-18)

My goodness, but Zamyatin is an unexpected writer. I certainly was taken by surprise when I first read ‘We.’  In fact, I was also surprised on re-reading when I found it surpassed my happy memory (I wrote about it here).  I … Continue reading

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