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Armchair excitement: H. P. Lovecraft’s ‘At the Mountains of Madness’

While there are some books that glory in subtle or ironic titles, others are proud to display their themes, locations and plot for all to see.  Lovecraft’s ‘At the Mountains of Madness’ falls squarely within this second camp; I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Classic Science Fiction: ‘I Robot’ by Asimov

As the recent silence on my blog demonstrates, I’ve been suffering from something of a reading slump.  As all experienced readers know, the only way to combat such misery is to wait it out, holding on to the hope that … Continue reading

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Power and Paranoia: ‘His Master’s Voice’ by Stanisław Lem

One of the things I love about great science fiction is the way its never actually about the future, or the machines or the other worlds it depicts so much as it is about the precise historical moment of its … Continue reading

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Thank you so much for the reading suggestion! ‘The Dispossessed’ by Ursula Le Guin (1974)

Last year I started a vague ‘Reading out of my comfort zone’ project beginning with China Miéville’s sci-fi classic, ‘Embassytown’.  The comments on my initial post were really encouraging and there appeared to be a consensus that 1. I was right … Continue reading

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Reading out of my comfort zone part III: ‘The Early Science Fiction of Philip K Dick vol. 2’

I must say, I ‘m having real fun with my forays into classic Science Fiction.  In fact, I was even more excited about this short story collection than I was about ‘Embassytown’, my first Science Fiction novel in years (reviewed on the … Continue reading

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Russian Reading Update: Why Bulgakov is so great!

When I was a teenager my favourite book was ‘Catch 22’ by Joseph Heller.  It was cynical, disillusioned, ambitious and fiercely intelligent, everything I admired and wanted to be.  In retrospect I’m very pleased I had not heard of Bulgavok … Continue reading

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Reading out of my comfort zone: ‘Embassytown’ by China Miéville (2011)

I really do try to be experimental with my reading, but it’s difficult because there are so many books out there and it’s hard to take risks when safe reading can lead to such pleasurable results. As this blog shows, I … Continue reading

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Russian Reading Update: Zamyatin’s ‘We’

George Orwell accused Aldous Huxley of plagiarising ‘We’ when he wrote ‘Brave New World’; the words pot, kettle and black come to mind.  Still, if I go down that route I’m going to end up being equally childish.  The facts … Continue reading

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