Twilight, by Stephanie Meyer


I have to admit, I had real difficulty with Twilight.  You see, I could barely read it over the jealous tears of my inner-teenager.  I would have loved this book if it had been published in the 90s.  It has everything: an exotic American location, a self-conscious (but clearly beautiful) whiney heroine, a dangerously attractive but sexually unthreatening hero.  It’s even got some lovely literary pretentiousness, with references to ‘Wuthering Heights’ for the intellectual reader.

Unless you can really embrace your inner teenager, Twilight probably isn’t the most stimulating read.  Still, it deserves huge kudos for making reading fashionable post-Harry Potter, and also for showing that teenagers can love reading and were just waiting for the right book.

Like teenage vampires, the Gothic doesn’t die.  It goes through its mood swings, of course, but it will always find a contemporary home.  Over 200 years old and going strong, Gothic is clearly here to stay.

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