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Before Marlene Dietrich and ‘The Blue Angel’ there was: ‘Professor Unrat’ by Heinrich Mann

Marlene Dietrich became an international star following her role as the seductive cabaret singer Lola Lola in ‘The Blue Angel.’  It’s not hard to see why, she is utterly captivating as the fame fatale responsible for the downfall of Emil … Continue reading

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In honour of the 2016 Oscars: Classic films of books part II

It’s a special moment in the film year, and time for me to own up to my personal failure at keeping track of all of 2016’s high profile book-to-film adaptations.  So many of this year’s big hitters were originally books and while I’ve … Continue reading

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Books vs Films

I’m very clear about how I spend my free time; I like watching films, but I love reading books.  This means that I can be very hard to please when it comes to literary adaptations on the big (or even … Continue reading

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