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I love Dickens!

As the nights draw in and the Christmas trees start getting lit up all over town, there is one English writer who seems to truly own the season.  I have heard it said that Charles Dickens really invented the jolly … Continue reading

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In honour of the Rio Olympics: A round up of great sport books

As this blog amply demonstrates, I’m more of a sit-still-with-a-book person than someone who’s really into sports.  Once every four years though, I do get into the fun of watching others break records, push their bodies to the limit and … Continue reading

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Crime and Punishment: Prisons in Literature

Reading ‘The Kiss of the Spider Woman’ really got me thinking about new ways of classifying books.  While I personally group them alphabetically, my ideal library is in fact a multi-dimensional space (think Terry Pratchett’s Diskworld) in which books are … Continue reading

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Going for the chop part II: My Favourite Men’s Literary Hair Styling Moments

Last year I made up a list of my top hair cutting moments in literature and shared some rather glib conclusions about the significance of hair cuts for heroines (you can see the post here).  I’ve been feeling mildly guilty … Continue reading

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‘Tis The Season to be Jolly: My Favourite Festive Reads

As the TV schedule fills up with re-runs and shops play Christmas carols on repeat, this is a time of year when it feel perfectly appropriate to return to tried and tested Christmas novels.  Here are my personal seasonal favourites. … Continue reading

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