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It’s not what you say, it’s the way that you say it.

Much as I’m a massive fan of literature in translation, there are certain reading joys that only really come with understanding the precise nuances of the author’s chosen language.  The moment when I realised that my reading would only ever be … Continue reading

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‘Last Exit to Brooklyn’ by Hubert Selby Jr. (1964)

This is not going to be the kind of well-thought-out review that gets written days or weeks after reading, once a book has settled into the mind.  It’s going to be the babbling ravings of a newly converted fan who … Continue reading

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Holiday Reading part II: The hand-luggage dilemma

Whist I can’t wait to get to New York, I’m aware that before then, I need to get through a 7 1/2 hour plane journey, plus airport and transit time.  On one hand, that much potentially uninterrupted reading time sounds … Continue reading

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