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A real-life Zweig novella: ‘The Tongue Set Free’ by Elias Canetti

I love Elias Canetti because of his demented 1935 novel ‘Auto da Fé,’ so finally reading his memoir seemed an appropriate finale to my 2016 non-fiction project.  I had previously known absolutely nothing about this Nobel literature laureate’s real life.  With … Continue reading

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A Harrowing Memoir of the Rwandan Genocide: ‘Cockroaches’ by Scholastique Mukasonga

There are some books that are hard to review because of the weight of tragedy they contain.  There are also times when it’s hard to recommend books because, no matter how important their subject matter, the more details given, the … Continue reading

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The Medieval Mindset: The Letters of Abelard and Heloise (12th century)

This month marks the end of my thoroughly successful non-fiction reading project.  In December last year, I decided to use the blog as a spur to finally prioritise the non-fiction books (mostly biographies) which have been gathering on my bookshelves. … Continue reading

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Non-Fiction Challenge (book 3): ‘Persepolis,’ by Marjane Satrapi (2001-2)

Back in 2015, when I put together my non-fiction reading list of biographies I owned but had chronically failed to open, ‘Persepolis’ seemed to be top of the list.  From blog comments, friends’ recommendations and the wonderful first page, it was … Continue reading

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Non-Fiction Challenge (Book 2): ‘Carrying the Fire,’ by Michael Collins (1974)

I was very proud of myself for reading Michael Collins’ memoir of his astronaut experiences.  I probably shouldn’t have been, but I read so little non-fiction, know so little about the space programme, and am so unlikely to pick up … Continue reading

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