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And the Prize for the Most Evil Woman in Fiction Goes To …

I’m interrupting my series of Bailey’s shortlist reviews to detour into something that I both love and hate in literature.  I love properly evil characters; from Lady Macbeth to Septimus Snape, everyone knows that the characters who really stick with … Continue reading

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Of art and artists: Anna North’s ‘The Life and Death of Sophie Stark’ (2015)

‘The Life and Death of Sophie Stark’ approaches the story of tormented (and tormenting) genius with conviction and verve.  Sophie Stark is a talented independent film maker and the book is narrated by those who knew her at critical moments … Continue reading

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I love Margaret Atwood

I love Margaret Atwood.  I would say that I was her biggest fan, but I suspect that line of thinking would descend into a childish competition with other rivals to the claim. In honour of Atwood’s new book, ‘The Heart … Continue reading

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